You are here:Home > About Us is a new division of a large retail packaging company that has been selling gift packaging to retail stores for over 35 years. This site was developed to bring Christian theme packaging to individuals who wish to share their love of faith through special gift giving opportunities.

American culture seems to be drifting away from our Christian roots, but it is up to us as individuals to not be afraid to stand up for our Christian values, to be in the world but not of the world. When we do stand up for the truth and “let our light shine before men” we have impact, be it in our families, schools, work environment or community.

Giving a gift wrapped in Christian theme wrapping paper communicates the importance you place in your Christian beliefs and the joy that faith in Christ brings to your life - a small seed that may produce a plentiful harvest in the future.

Also, as long as we can do so we will promote gift wrap made in America or countries other than China due to it’s persecution of Christians and forced one child policy.